Obesity a Matter of National Security?

2010 Feb 10
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The answer is yes, according to First Lady Michelle Obama and members of Mission: Readiness.

Mrs. Obama is using the bully pulpit to raise awareness of the obesity issue and the epidemic’s impact on all aspects of society. As she pointed out during the launch of her awareness program on February 9, obesity is seen as a national security threat by military leaders and that, “Obesity is now one of the most common disqualifiers for military service. Additionally, economic experts tell us that we’re spending outrageous amounts of money treating obesity-related conditions like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. And public health experts tell us that the current generation could actually be on track to have a shorter life span than their parents.”

Mission: Readiness is also sounding the alarm about obesity. You can read more about how the organization is sharing its findings and call to action on the following blogs:

Lipman Hearne is proud to serve as a consultant to Mission: Readiness, the nonprofit, bi-partisan organization led by senior retired military leaders ensuring continued American security and prosperity into the 21st century by calling for smart investments in the next generation of American children.  Mission: Readiness is the key group raising awareness of the impact of obesity on young people, the military and our national security.

- Adam Shapiro, Vice President Public Affairs

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